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Iblis Azuris Dragon

The King of the Skies!

This species of dragon is considered the most diverse in abilities and magic, and recognized as have the longest wingspan then other elemental dragons. They are recognizable, due to the illuminated tips of frills and wing membranes, that glow blue- however, there are cases of these dragons glowing, Red or Yellow. Rare cases they can glow Green or Purple.

Depending on the age of this species, the dragon can create devastating storms of destruction on a cataclysmic scale.
Their usual go to breath attack for offense and defensive use, is electricity; a fast deadly and precise element, that is even more destructive when chained onto other enemies. Considered the fastest flyer, using air currents to boost it's speed while slowing down others. The dragon may resort to using wind as more of a go away tactic when it does not wish to be disturbed.
These dragons love living at high altitudes in the mountains of many regions, where their power is strongest.